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New for 2017!!!
SLG-108VFRB-III: Vibratory Screener

New Features | Bigger Production | Same Great Price
Topsoil | Rock | Sand | Compost

Show here without riser box

DeSite understands “Good Can Always Be Better”.

Our new higher performance SLG 108 VFRB-III has raised the bar even higher

The SLG 108 VF-III produces even more vibration than the previous models. The new screen deck design contains the vibration to the parameters screen mesh for 30% more harmonic vibration and higher screening efficiency.

Old conventional designs create a rolling action to move materials across the screen deck. Material crossing a standard deck can spend as much as 50% of its time airborne. Common sense tells us, traveling material when airborne has no opportunity to pass through the mesh. Only when material makes contact with the mesh can it pass through. Our higher frequency vibration moves material more efficiently, keeping it in contact with the deck, allowing maximum opportunity for passage through the screen mesh. High frequency vibration handles high moisture better with less plugging and blinding.

All of our other excellent features are still are part of our new design. Our Cantilevered Screen Deck Suspension, 60sq/ft Screening Surface, Feed Deflector, Transport Fork Pockets, Dual 110 Volt 3000rpm Vibratory Packs and 24” Riser Box Extension are still standard features, all for our unbeatable price of $11,200usd.

The versatility and price point of our SLG screening machines give contractors big and small the financial advantage to screen throw away waste material into a high quality recycled product. Our screeners work great on soil, sand, gravel, compost or just about anything else that needs to be sorted or separated. Recycling is good for business and good for the planet. Leaving a better planet for generations to come is important to us all.

Our 2016 SLG108VFRB-III Vibratory Screeners for use with excavators, backhoes and wheel loaders are now available for order. Spring will be here before we know it.


Do not wait, call and order yours today!!




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