DeSite Machine Company Ltd. was created out of the need of a foreign company to protect their Intellectual Property when manufacturing in China.

This customer had previously lost control of their designs to a Chinese factory that was contracted to manufacture their products. The customer was devastated to learn that their online information, including product photographs, word-for-word descriptions, and technical information had been copied by this factory and pasted to the factory’s own Alibaba and Chinese websites. Because the factory had registered, and now owned these designs in China, all requests to remove the plagiarized information were ignored. It was clear that the factory had entered the market to compete with its customer.  

With DeSite’s help, this company was able to create new designs for overseas manufacturing, which they then registered in China with them as the owner. This gave the customer new confidence to again invest in offshore manufacturing.

Due to DeSite’s honest and transparent approach to business, we were then approached to manufacture this customer’s new designs, and we have worked closely with them, learning their American Standards manufacturing techniques and quality standards.

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