Desite Better Built Waste Bins

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DeSite ASM has designed and now manufactures their own line of premium quality self dumping waste bins. Our competitively priced “Better Built” bins offer features that allow for safer operation and lower maintenance costs.

Forklift bins tend to receive an abundance of abuse in the workplace. Waste bins get dropped and run into on a regular basis. Workers attempting to dump bins with a damaged latch or bent dump rail must often leave the safety of the forklift to push and prod the bin. That is why at DeSite ASM we reinforce critical areas that are exposed to damage. We are have designed our bins so that our latches and bin rail bolt on, allowing for ease of repair, safe operation, and lower maintenance costs.

Here is what sets DeSite bins apart from others:

4 Way Access

The quality and strength of the bin base determines how well the bin dumps. You will find the base of a DeSite bin to be very well constructed for years of safe service. Our bases have also been engineered with forklift access from all sides. This reduces bin damage from operators trying to spin the bin for access to the bin fork pockets.

Removable Pin Stops

DeSite Bins have removable pin stops that will allow the bin to be separated from the base when service or replacement parts are needed.

Bin Track Doublers

We have added a doubler plate to the base where the bin dump rails travel. Our welded track double keep the bin base from flexing or bending when dumping heavy loads. A damaged track surface will affect the operation of the bins dumping action.

Bin Base Gussets

We have installed gussets to the dump rail and latch plate. Gussets help to prevent plate damage and bending.

C-Channel Cross Members

We have designed 2.5 x 5.5 inch C-channel cross members into the base design. This not only serves as structural support but also allow side access for the lift trucks to move the bin.

Oversize Fork Access

DeSite has increased the size of the fork opening to 2.75 x 15 inches to allow for easy access for the lift truck operator to pick up the bin.

Bolt on Dump Rails

The dump rail on a waste bin is an import part of the bin. Repairing the dump rail on a standard bin requires time and money to cut, straighten and re-weld. We have designed our bins with bolt on dump rails that can be adjusted or replaced if the bin sustains damage.

Alignment Rods

We have installed dual ¾ inch solid shafts, threaded on each end that go from one dump rail to the other. These alignment rods allow the dump rail tracking to be adjusted if the bin ever begins to run off track.

Corner Caps

All of our bins have weld on corner caps that provide protect and structural strength to the bin

Bolt on Latch System

It is not uncommon for the latch assembly to get damaged because it is on the end where the forklift picks up the bin. That is why our latch and striker plate are bolted and not welded.


Bin Extensions

Turn your bin into a Big Mouth Bin with our sloped bin extensions. DeSite bins come with pre-lasered mounting holes that allow our bins to hold 50% more volume using our standard bin.

Bin Trailers

We have our own line of bin trailers for both our 1 and 2 yard bins.

Our trailers can be pulled by tractors, 4 wheelers, skid steers, and mini walk behind diggers.

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